Avalanche Calculator

The Avalanche method of paying off debt is seen as the absolute most efficient method possible, and can be found in many professionally created Debt Management Plans.

The purpose of the Avalanche Calculation is to minimize interest paid, and pay off high interest accounts first to eliminate future interest being accrued, opposed to the Snowball Method - paying off the lowest balances first.

Sometimes, when you have a lot of debt spread across multiple accounts, you won't see the benefits of the avalanche method until nearer the end of your payments timeline, though the benefit is surely there and is a dynamically increasing factor throughout the entire procedure.

Because of the nature of the Avalanche Calculator, paying off the highest interest debts first, you may see the payment order of your debts change throughout the timeline - account charges are taken into calculation, and are converted into their APR equivalent, which is then compared to help decide the order.

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